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Private Photography Instruction / Tour Guide

Private Photography Instruction / Tour Guide


Custom tours and group workshops also available.  Please contact me directly to set up.

I'm in!

Whether you're a novice photographer seeking to learn how to use your camera or you are a highly advanced photographer but don't know the area, I am here to help you.

Who’s it for?
TOURIST: You and your spouse are in Las Vegas for a convention or some other function and have a free morning to explore the ‘wilder’ side of Vegas.

LOCAL: You’re a local who is enthusiastic about photography and want to jump start your skill progression.

PHOTOGRAPHER: You have a good eye for photography already, all of your systems are in place and your tool kit is fitted out just right. But you don’t know exactly where to go to get ‘the shot’ - leave the logistics to me and we’ll go capture the magic light together somewhere. I’ll take you where you want to be.

CHILD: You have a youth in your life who is interested in photography and you want to encourage and support them in their creativity - personal instruction is an excellent gift! (A parent must accompany a minor)

For the novice:

You bought that big camera with the interchangeable lenses in an era where cell phones are more prevalent and powerful than ever before...


Because you wanted to take more control of your creative process!  But then you got the camera and were overwhelmed with all of the buttons, dials and options...
Have no fear! It’s all learnable and I can teach you what it is you need to know to get you started in the right direction.

The plan:
I’ll pick you up in Las Vegas at our pre-determined time on your scheduled personal workshop day.
We’ll drive out to a local landscape destination and work on your skill set. 
After our time shooting in the field, usually about 2 hours, we'll head to a cafe or some other mutually-agreed-upon destination to go over image post-processing and archiving.

At the completion of our time, I will drive you to where you want or need to be in Las Vegas and drop you off. 
Personal workshops last approximately 4 hours.

What we’ll cover:
- Composition & the creative process.
- ISO, Aperture & Shutter speed - learn how these three tools control all aspects of your captured image.
- Downloading and backing up: how to properly store your photos for future reference and the right tools to use to make your photos become their absolute best.

Contact me directly in order to set up your personal photography workshop date.

I look forward to working with you and helping you grow as a photographer - whether you're just starting out on your photographic process, seeking to re-energize your creative juices, or are looking to capture something new in unfamiliar territory for your portfolio.