Limited Edition Fine Art Photography of the Desert Southwest and Beyond

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Majestic Horizon

Majestic Horizon

Majestic Horizon” #1/33 UEE (Ultra Exclusive Edition)

48”X60” ON TEXTILE WRAP IN BLACK FLOAT FRAME - This is one BIG print! It can fill just about any wall. Especially good for those first to second level transitions in stairwells that seem like they are hard to find the right piece for. But would look great in any room with the right light.

If you need a big, cool print from the south rim of the Grand Canyon…
THIS IS IT ! ! !

The 4 foot by 5 foot dimensions are for the print itself. The frame does add a few inches making the final size about 50”x62”

This print is in mint condition.

was $1800 - NOW $850


Imaginary Conversations

Imaginary Conversations” #1/33 UEE (Ultra Exclusive Edition)

30”x45” on Chromaluxe dye-sublimated aluminum with silver euro-frame finish.

This incredible abstract from Yosemite National park depicts the destruction of a forest fire in stark contradiction to the new life springing up around it.

This print is in mint condition.

was $1100 - NOW $650

Red Rock in Mist SqSp.jpg

Red Rock in Mist

Red Rock in Mist” #3/150

This is one of my favorite images and has proved very popular on both social media and by the few collector’s who have it.

It’s got great color and contrast and is a real beauty to behold when you just can’t get your body out to Red Rock Canyon but need to get your mind out there.

24”x36” on Lumachrome acrylic face-mount. This print, in the most popular size, comes ready to hang.

There is a tiny bit of wear on the acrylic from the shows but you really have to look hard to see it.

was $1000 - NOW $550