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Getting featured in magazine articles - some humble bragging ;-)

Backpacker Magazine just featured one of my images of Mescalito Peak for an article on ‘Las Vegas Wilderness’. Check it out…

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Getting featured happens, maybe not as much as I’d like… but, with some regularity.

I’ve been featured by outlets like Rock & Ice, I had an image I took of a Saddhu in Nepal picked up for an in-flight magazine for a Russian airline and I’ve even had images chosen to be in NASA publications. And… others.

It’s fun, it’s good exposure - the right kind of exposure - and, sometimes, it even pays. Covers pay better than editorial use images like the one above, but I have yet to get one. I’m currently working on a couple of submissions to some different magazines which I am hopeful for a cover shot. One magazine is landscape based and the other is Nevada based. Of course, if they go through I’ll be sure to update you via my blog here.

One thing I’ve learned about getting featured in magazines or other print publications is that it is a numbers game. You simply have to have a ton of content out there and, of course, it all has to be high quality content and it has to match the needs of whatever article is being produced at the time.

So I’ll continue to create content and, I trust, you will stick around to consume it.

Leave a comment below after you read the article and let me know if you feel the accompanying image was a good companion shot. I’d love to hear your feedback.

12 Feb, 2019