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I've been featured in an international magazine!

I’ve been featured in an article by Chic Compass Magazine and it marks the first time I’ve been featured in an international magazine.

Red Rock Medley ii (UEE)

This is an image of mine on their homepage and an article accompanies it on pages 10-15.

Including a double-spread!

I was interviewed by Joan Peck, a local author who freelances for the mag as well as writing mystery novels.

Here’s a link to the magazine: Chic Compass Mag

I have been working my tail off the past year networking with, apparently, the right people. It is because of the hard work I put in that this opportunity even came about. You have to create your own breaks in this business/life and this exposure is a product of that. And, bonus: it’s the right kind of exposure!

I met Joan in the Whole Foods bar area where we discussed photography and how I came to it. We spoke for almost an hour and she took a lot of notes. I had no idea how she would write it up and in the end I think she did an ok job with the article. I think some of the finer points I was hoping to drive home were left out but I’m still really stoked for the opportunity!

I’d appreciate it if you read the article and then com back here and leave a comment and share with me your thoughts on it - good or bad.

Thanks in advance!

Las Vegas, 16 Jan, 2019