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Meditations on Time

Aeon Jones Photography sunset in central Nevada

Time.  After much recent thought about Time I have begun to come to the conclusion that besides performance art (theater, singing, etc) Time has little meaning to most 2 and 3 dimensional artists.  They can take as much of it as they want to perfect their piece in their studios or wherever they create their work.  

Photographers, on the other hand, have to operate in moments of time on two seemingly separate dimensions:  there's the time it takes to capture the image - let's say 1/100th of a second - a very thin slice of Time for sure - and there's the Time to create the moment in which to create the image.  You need to be in the right spot at the right Time or you get no photo or, worse, the photograph you DO capture fails to connect with anyone.

It takes Time to get to a location.  It takes Time to research said location.  It takes Time to create and capture and edit and post-process the image.  It takes Time to write down my *why* I felt compelled to capture the image.  It takes Time to put it on social media, talk about it, share it, get it on the website, to the printers, create a name for it and a certificate of authenticity.  That's a lot of Time!  For each image!  

Why is this investment of Time so important for me, as an artist, to question?  Besides the technical aspect of the moment to capture for the image the bigger, more challenging and more important questions is - Why am I out there investing Time in trying to create beauty in the first place???  What's the humongous investment of Time all about for me as an artist?

Well, to be honest, I'm still trying to figure that all out!  Perhaps it is the thrill of creating an image which I love and which, I hope, someone else will love and connect with, too.  And Love it enough to need to possess it and hang it in a place where they can see it with great frequency and feel a connection to it.  

I know one thing for sure - I'm glad you're along on the ride to discover my *why* with me.  

Thanks for being here.

~ Aeon