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Sunsets day after day after day


Seems like when Vegas gets sunsets - it gets sunsets for days and days and days.  For tonight's sunset I went up to the north side to a spot that my wife and I saw when we were coming back from Zion last weekend.  It's a big, long overpass that goes over the I-15 freeway, a big culvert with running water, train tracks and several businesses.  It's really an interesting area. 


Unfortunately... The shot that I wanted wasn't to be had.  The shot that I had pre-visualized in my head just a week prior.  I could *see* the shot in my mind's eye.  But if your mind can see it and your eyes can't... the camera can't, either.  

Like any artist would do, though, I made the best of a not-great situation.  I had a stunning sunset happening almost 360 degrees around me and in a location that was interesting enough to offer something... but what? - I just had to find "the shot". 

I'm kind of in awe of these learning moments that I have.  I should have gone up there earlier and scouted it out.  I should have given myself more time.  I should have gone to a location I knew to be good when I was pretty certain the sunset would be great.  But, I take these risks with the hopes of creating something new, different and most importantly - unique.