Hello.  This is me.  Well... approximately.

Hello.  This is me.  Well... approximately.

I feel like my small part in this big world is sharing my perspective of this world - with the world.  I'm hoping that through vivid imagery I will stir inside viewers the desire to take care of nature - and in turn, each other - a little better than before.

My name is Aeon (pronounced E-on) Jones.

I currently live in Las Vegas, NV with my bestfriendwife, Stacy, and our two amazing little dogs - Walter and Wilson.  Wilson is a girl dog.  That's unconventional, I know - it's OK.  I enjoy living in Las Vegas due to its incredible access to SO MUCH great outdoors.  OK, true...  The heat kind of sucks in summertime - but the mountains are only 30 minutes away!

I grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and moved to the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe for high school.  As an only child to a ski bum and nature-holic I spent a lot of my foundational youth in the great outdoors traveling to parks and wilderness all over the western parts of the USA spending time in nature with my Mom.  Looking back I see that it was her way of building a life and a friendship together.  I'm grateful for that because it's those experiences that built inside of me my love and appreciate for the great outdoors.  She's still one of my best friends today.

I've heard some photographers say that if they can't take their camera with them... well, they ain't going!  That's not me.  Put me somewhere beautiful and I'll be alright even without a camera in hand.  (Can I at least have my phone?)

I'm 100% self-taught and I capture all of my images on professional grade Canon cameras and lenses. Or my iPhone!  I'm shamelessly and hopelessly addicted to my iPhone and the Hipstamatic app - see my HiP2B page for a curation of my favorite square images taken with Hipstamatic.  It's hip to be square!  This is the page where you'll really see my more abstract vision.

I contribute my imagery regularly to a non-profit organization called Healing Images which provides canvas prints of landscapes and nature to hospitals on an at-cost basis.  There are many benefits of this for everyone in the hospital - patients, family & staff.  Check them out - maybe, if you've been in a hospital recently, you've already seen some of my work!


My images are available as fine art, limited edition prints (199 prints and 2 artist proofs per image) and for licensing.  You can contact me in the following ways:

e: aeon.jones@gmail.com

c: 702-335-8833 - leave me a message and I'll call you back, or call me back and I'll leave you a message!

I welcome any questions or comments you may have.