Limited Edition Fine Art Photography of the Desert Southwest and Beyond

Approx Aeon

About Aeon Jones Photography - limited edition fine art photography of the desert southwest and beyond

Hello. This is me. Well... approximately.

Hello. This is me. Well... approximately.

 It is my hope that through vivid imagery
I will stir inside viewers the desire to take care of nature
and in turn, each other, a little better than before.

My name is Aeon (pronounced E-on).

It wasn't until I was 3 weeks into a 4-month trip through Central America, sitting on a park bench in Costa Rica, emotionally distraught with tears in my eyes because my camera was broken, that I realized how important creating lasting visual memories was to me. I'd already been to all seven continents and over 35 countries... I just wanted a few more international experiences before I stopped traveling so hard and "settled down".

How could I tell the story of where I had been and also shine a light on where I was going if I didn't have photographs to help tell it?

I'd never been much for writing.  I figured if I was able to take photographs that were good enough then the story would spill forth naturally and aid me in my re-telling of it; assist me in remembering the smells, recall the heat and humidity, the vibration and dust of chicken bus transportation, all the good memories.  And the bad...

Like sitting on a park bench in Costa Rica crying over a broken camera in my hands.

The journey from that day to now has been an interesting one.  Life has delivered its myriad ups and downs.  One thing for certain, though, is how I've progressed in my ability to tell my story with my camera.

That story has now become about revealing the beauty of the desert southwest in one of the most beautiful countries I've ever visited - my homeland, the United States of America.  

While the desert isn't for everybody, I've made it my home, with Las Vegas serving as 'HomeBase', and I continue to find beauty in places newly discovered and oft-returned. 

I find great pleasure in sharing the images I capture and my hope is to instill in viewers the same reverence for nature which I have.  

Maybe you've seen my work

I regularly contribute images to a non-profit organization called Healing Images which provides prints of landscapes and nature to hospitals.  
There are many benefits of this for everyone in the hospital - patients, family & staff.  It's an endeavor I'm proud to support!

If you're interested in learning more about how I became a photographer - click here.  It's my personal tale about this journey of creative discovery.

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