Limited Edition Fine Art Photography of the Desert Southwest and Beyond


“It is my hope that through vivid imagery

I will inspire in viewers

the desire to take better care of nature

and each other”.

Aeon Jones - Owner and CCO of AJP - in his ‘backyard’; the wilderness right outside of Las Vegas, NV: Red Rock Canyon

Aeon Jones - Owner and CCO of AJP - in his ‘backyard’; the wilderness right outside of Las Vegas, NV: Red Rock Canyon

The Artist

I am instilled with a deep reverence and passion for the natural world generated by the sense of wonder and awe I feel when immersing myself within it. I respect and try to see the wisdom, beauty and mystery in all aspects and processes of Mother Nature. If I need to define better what it is I want to say with my photography - it is best expressed in terms of wanting to open the eyes of others to the Beauty around us and inspire them to get out there to witness and participate in the spectacle of Nature and not see ourselves as above or apart from it.

The Process

For me, photography is a meditative experience. I feel very present to what is going on around me during sunrises, sunsets and meteorological events which I chase. My heart races as I get excited in changing light or weather and to a great degree it is a process that reinforces itself. Viewing the world through the camera with my eye actually helps me further to become aware of the beauty and harmony that surrounds me. Scenes I’d previously walk by now shout out to me, grabbing my attention.


When I’m “in the zone” - trying to capture on film the emotions I’m experiencing while creating photographs - you can be assured that the image is being produced in a state of absolute, genuine, harmony. There’s no angst, stress, worry, thought or care about politics, current events or other things going on in my life. It is a state of pure creative energy and emotion. Every image I share is captured in this fashion - as a celebration of the natural wonders which our planet - our home - offers.

Presenting my vision of the world as finished fine art pieces completes my creative process.

But what are you getting when you purchase a Limited Edition Fine Art Print from Aeon Jones Photography?

You are purchasing the artist’s Vision

Developing vision takes years.  It takes an artist a lot of trial and error in honing their skills with their equipment to best represent how they view the world around them.  They have invested hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours of time in learning how to see.  That invested time occurs in classrooms (indoors and out), via books, in workshops and, of course, via trial and error out in the field and in front of the computer.  All of that education, time and experience are used to refine their vision, their 'style'... their unique perspective of the world - which they can't help but share with you!  

You are purchasing the artist's Experience

You are purchasing the unsuccessful attempts, the missed photos, the cuts, scrapes, blisters, bruises, sunburn and sore muscles.  You are purchasing the teeth-gritting agony of pulling cactus needles out of flesh and digging sand out of eyes and ears, you are purchasing the bloodshot eyes from a day that started very, very early and ended very, very late.  You are purchasing the alarm’s call at 3AM.

You, the art collector, are purchasing all of the time the artist has invested in capturing the image which you love and with which you have connected.  All of the heart-breaking frustration which they have endured in their failed attempts.  All of the education and training they have consumed.  All of the passion which went into creating the final, perfected image.  Everything which helped them create the stunning, fine art print you acquire. 

In essence - you're purchasing the heart, and vision, of the artist when you collect their work.  You are purchasing... a part of the artist.

Thank you

Fine Art Pieces

Aeon Jones Photography uses two methods to present his finalized, limited edition images: Lumachrome face-mount acrylic and Chromaluxe dye-sublimated aluminum.


The most realistic, high quality collector's editions Aeon Jones Photography offers are original photo prints under acrylic glass produced with LUMACHROME HD technology. Lumachrome is the industry leading printing process produced by face-mounting the very best high gloss color photo paper in the world to a sheet of clear acrylic glass.  This means that you get the highest gloss, smoothest surface, most extended contrast and cleanest color prints available.  Details really stand out in the image with a Lumachrome print thanks to a transparency layer infused with iridium particles allowing reflected light to produce a nearly 3D effect in a two-dimensional photograph. 

This is the best of the best and so new to the fine art market that few artists are using it... yet! 

Lumachrome images come mounted on a 1.3 inch Roma frame ready to hang and display.


If you're a metal aficionado Aeon Jones Photography only trusts Chromaluxe.  Chromaluxe dye-sublimated aluminum images offer a truly stunning design.  By infusing dyes deep into the specially coated metal, the fine art pieces take on a magical luminescence.  The combination of color brilliance, superior durability and archival qualities makes ChromaLuxe the perfect choice for image reproduction.  

Chromaluxe images are framed using either the Euro Frame or Grand Shadow options

The Euro Frame adds a distinctive finished look to your metal print. The Euro Frame is 1.3" thick and comes in either black or silver anodized aluminum. Hanging wires are pre-installed so your fine art pieces can be easily hung on your walls right out of the box.

The Grand Shadow is a powerful frame that is a the perfect compliment for equally powerful images. The Grand Shadow makes a majestic presence with its rich black brushed anodized aluminum finish. 

All images are produced in Limited Editions of 199 or, in the Ultra Exclusive Edition, just 33 fine art prints will be created before the negative is retired forever. Fine Art pieces are custom crated for protection and can be shipped anywhere in the world.  Turn around for most orders takes between 3-5 weeks and shipping is always free.

Prices start at $1050.

To order, or license, a print, please contact me directly - I’d love to hear from you! | 702-335-8833